What We Do

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Managing your Wealth

Vetwealth uses a Goal based Financial Planning Process (REAP™) to help Veterinarians manage their wealth in the most efficient, transparent way. Wealth Management updates will ensure any changes in your circumstances are reflected in the plan to REDUCE TAX AND COSTS

We use technology throughout our process to keep you informed and aware of the market movements and costs. The Walfrid One Platform is an innovative solution for arranging and managing a wide range of financial products and services on our Clients’ behalf. Instead of having your Investments held across an array of different institutions, varying structures can now be held in one place through the platform.

What we Provide…

  • Centralised Investment Process, potentially reducing the costs of doing business & managing downside shocks.

  • Interactive Wealth Management Platform allowing you to understand your current cash position at all times.
  • Reduction of tax on investments – Gross Roll Up System.
  • Targeted risk related return on Investments.
  • Reduction of charges.
  • Risk Appraised Suite of Model Investment Portfolios.
  • Financial Stewardship over Product Salesmanship.
  • Monthly Fund Updates.
  • Quarterly Investment Report.
  • Efficient payment of Risk Premiums.
  • Inform you of potential reliefs available to you as part of overall extraction strategies.
  • Trust and Estate Planning.
  • Inheritance Tax Shelters via Capital Acquisition Tax Reliefs
  • Control Wealth Transfers to next Generation.
  • Cashflow Modelling.
  • Expenditure planning in a tax efficient manner.